Gift Cards

Do you give gift cards for birthday presents? 
Do you give gift cards for Christmas presents?
Do you purchase groceries?
Do you purchase gas?
If you answered YES to any of these questions then you should JOIN and help support the BPFFA Social Committee.? CLICK HERE to join.
Program is free to JOIN please sign up and have a look around. We also encourage you to share with family and friends. They can also support our group.
The BPFFA has launched a campaign with FundScrip? to help raise funds for the Social Committee. One of the big events the social committee wants to support this year is our Children's Christmas party.
How it works: 
You log in and do your shopping for whatever giftcards you want to buy. 
You then add to your shopping cart. 
Once you complete all your shopping you then will process payment.
There are 4 methods of payment currently available:
1) Electronic Funds Transfer- You need to complete the FORM(only once) and then you are set up for all future transactions. Once set up they will debit directly from your bank account. This is preferred payment method for BPFFA as the revenue generated is the greatest with this option.
***Note: EFT is the most popular payment method! (over 85% of FundScrip Supporters pay this way) Why?
  • It’s free – maximizes earnings with no processing fees!
  • It’s easier – streamlines ordering because once active you’ll never need to enter payment information again!
  • It’s faster – receive your orders sooner that with Online Bill Payment because your account is automatically debited at the time your orders are processed.
  • It’s convenient – allows you to create recurring orders – just set it, and forget it!
CLICK HERE for the EFT form.
 2) Credit Card Payment- 
***Note: when paying by credit card (VISA & MasterCard only) earnings for BPFFA are reduced by 1.99%. (For example, posted earnings of 3% will be reduced to 1.01%.) To maximize your earnings, choose EFT or Online Bill Payment as your payment method.
3) Online Bill Payment-
***Note: to use this payment method you must add “Fundstream/FundScrip” as a payee in your online banking portal. To do so, you will need an Online Bill Payment Number, which you will receive after placing an order.  Also, note that BPFFA earnings are not reduced when using Online Bill Payment – it’s free! However, orders paid for using Online Bill Payment are subject to a delay not applicable to our other payment methods because you must allow at least three (3) business days from the date you initiate the payment for FundScrip to receive the funds. If the amount received does not correspond exactly to the amount owing (including any shipping fees, in the case of Direct Shipping orders), processing of your order will be delayed; and you will need to resolve the issue by contacting FundScrip.
4) INTERAC Online-
 ***Note: when paying by INTERAC Online, you will be temporarily redirected to your online banking portal during the checkout process. Enjoy the same ease of use as a a credit card, but our earnings are only reduced by $0.85/transaction.
CLICK HERE for a copy of the Member's Brochure
CLICK HERE for a copy of the current participating retailers
CLICK HERE for a guide to ordering
CLICK HERE for the Electronic Funds Payment form.
 If you have any questions please contact Paul Lecompte 



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